The International Institute of Race Medicine (IIRM) and Race Guards form partnership


The International Institute of Race Medicine and Race Guards form partnership to promote and ensure the health and safety of participants in road race endurance events throughout the world.

The International Institute of Race Medicine (IIRM) and Race Guards have formed a partnership to improve the standard of in-race medical support offered at road race endurance events.  The partnership brings together two organizations committed to ensuring the health and safety of race participants throughout the world.  

The IIRM is an international collective of medical professionals with the goal of furthering research education and best practices in marathons and other endurance races throughout the world.    Race Guards is comprised of athletes who support running and endurance events of all sizes and distances throughout the country.  Race Guards are CPR, AED and First Aid certified first-responders who volunteer at races throughout the country to provide an extra level of medical and first aid support on the race course. Race Guards work in tandem with the race medical team to bring another layer of medical support to race participants.  

“The IIRM and its members advocate for safer races, and Race Guards “raises the bar” on the level of in-race first aid and medical support provided on the course”, said Chris Troyanos, Executive Director, IIRM.  “It is our goal to have Race Guards to establish “best practices” at races throughout the country, and we look forward to working with their team to ensure a safe and rewarding race experience for runners. “

Race Guards and the IIRM will share best practices, education, and research amongst its membership base and work together in an alliance that is focused on advocating for safer events that will make a difference in the well-being of athletes.   

“Race Guards was founded because we saw the need for more “eyes and ears” out on the course, “ said Andy Voggenthaler, Founder of Race Guards.  “The running industry is experiencing tremendous growth, and with that growth comes the need to assist and educate novice runners to the sport and provide race directors with the support they need to ensure participants a safe racing environment.  Our partnership with the IIRM will enable us to provide additional research and education to our team of Race Guards, as well as bring another level of support to race directors throughout the country.”

One of the most compelling reasons to form the partnership was the desire to expand the sharing of knowledge, research and data amongst the two groups that represent the leaders in the sports medicine and first aid arena.  

“It is our goal to assist medical directors and medical teams in improving first response times and treatment outcomes for runners who are treated on the race course,” said Voggenthaler.

“All board members of the IIRM are leaders in the field of endurance medicine and dedicated to the field of sports members, “ said Troyanos.  “Race Guards team members are dedicated to and passionate about keeping athletes safe by being on the course and working hand-in-hand with the race medical team.  Our shared research data and “real time” in-race data and incident reports will provide race directors with greatly enhanced medical support.”


The IIRM was formed in 2009 with a mission to promote the health and safety of participants in road race endurance events through research, communication, education and the development of medical standards that can be utilized by all involved. The IIRM’s goal is to advance the safety of running/endurance events through education of medical professionals, emergency management agencies, hospitals, event administrators, public safety agencies and other professionals providing medical care at road races. The IIRM encourages races throughout the country to join the IIRM to ensure the delivery of the current information and research as it pertains to all aspects of endurance events.  For more information visit


Race Guards was founded in 2012 with the mission to “give back’ to running and endurance events by providing in-race first aid from start to finish.  Race Guards’ team of medical professionals works with the race directors and the race medical teams on race day.  Race Guards run the entire race – at all different paces – carrying first aid supplies to help with minor issues and aches & pains of race participants. Race Guards also directly with the race medical team to organize medical transports and sag wagons and assist in coordinating any major medical needs on the course.



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