Spotlight on Nikki Guerin


This month I had the pleasure of interviewing Race Guards team member Nikki Guerin. She is one of the members of our Boston Strong team. Race Guards began in California and has expanded all across the country. Boston is one of our newest markets, and we are so happy that Nikki became part of our team.


Q.  How did you first become interested in Race Guards and how long have you been involved?

A. I joined last summer (2017) after hearing about it through my co-worker. I volunteered at 3 races last summer and so far one race this year, all in New England.

Q.  What is your favorite aspect of being a Race Guards member?

A.  Being able to give back to the running community while actually running with the other participants.

Q.  What is the most recent event you participated in and what is your favorite?

A. Most recently I volunteered at Boston's Run to Remember Half Marathon in May of 2018. My favorite race was my first experience being a Race Guards member at the Run to Remember Half Marathon in 2017.  I had never done this race before and I loved getting to experience the course while volunteering


Q.  What is your most memorable experience as a Race Guards member?

A. I don't have one single experience to answer this question. Overall, when I am volunteering at an event and people cheer "there are the Race Guards- Yay Race Guards!" it makes me feel like a super hero! I am just there to help and enjoy doing it so much. When even the spectators take notice, it just feels so good!


Q.  What is your funniest Race Guards moment?

A. Learning how to "wetsuit strip" at the Patriot Half Ironman Triathlon in 2017.

(Editor’s note: “wetsuit stripping” is when a triathlete comes out of the water during a race and lays down near the transition area so a volunteer can pull the wetsuit off of the athlete quickly.)


Q.  What is your favorite post race drink?  

A. 3-way tie: chocolate milk, Gatorade, beer

Q.  What is your fitness background and have you had any physical challenges or injuries along the way?

A. I enjoy many types of physical activity including yoga, swimming, strength training, and running. In good weather, I prefer my bicycle for transportation. My first 5k race was in 2012 and I really fell in love with running that year. It was also around that time I began to enjoy the social aspects of the running community.


Q.  How do you balance family, working out and work?

A. I prefer to get my workouts done in the morning before I head to my job as a physical therapist, except when it comes to running and socializing with my running club 1-2 evenings a week.


Q. How would you sum up your philosophy of life in one sentence?

A. I never take my good health and mobility for granted and I am thankful for it every day!




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