Spotlight on Nicole Chartier


This month I interviewed one of our fabulous San Diego area Race Guards team members, Nicole Chartier. Nicole is not only an endurance athlete, but she is in the medical field and adds her medical knowledge and experience to every event she participates in.

Q.  How did you first become interested in Race Guards and how long have you been a member?

A. I happened to see a booth at the San Diego Half Marathon expo 2 years ago. I started chatting with the volunteers there, and it immediately sounded like something I should be a part of!

Q. What do you do for your career and how does it impact being a Race Guards member?

A. Right now I am a medical assistant and applying to Physician Assistant School. Medicine is a huge passion of mine so it's great to be able to combine that with running and volunteering.

Q. What is the most recent event you participated in and what is your favorite?

A. I just did the Disney Half Marathon, which was an amazing experience!! So far my favorite would be the Beach to Bay Half. It was such a beautiful course, but a very hot day. I really felt like I was able to make a difference being out there on the course as a Race Guards member.

Q. What is your most memorable experience as a Race Guards member?

A. My favorite moments are when runners come up and tell me about how a Race Guards team member helped them finish their last race or saved their day with Perform spray or salt. I love knowing that people were able to accomplish their goals and have a great time doing it, thanks to Race Guards.

Q. What is your favorite post race pig-out food?

A. Pretzels and coffee!! Basically caffeine and salt. J

Q. What is your fitness background and have you had any physical challenges or injuries along the way?

A. I started running and doing triathlons about 4 years ago. I was instantly hooked. I'm not very fast, but I love how many interesting people I meet by being a runner. I have managed to stay injury free, which is pretty amazing, I tend to trip and fall a lot while trail running!

Q. How would you sum up your philosophy of life in one sentence?

A. Enjoy everything :)

Thank you Nicole for being our October spotlight and helping keep athletes safe. If you race in the San Diego area, look for Nicole out on the course or at Starbucks afterwards, getting her caffeine fix!


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