Spotlight on Shannon Puphal


Our December spotlight is on one of our valued Dallas/ Ft. Worth area Race Guard members.  As you can tell when you read the interview, Shannon Puphal brings a tremendous amount of experience to her Race Guards participation. She also happens to have a heart of gold.

On-course with a smile, Shannon Puphal (rt)

On-course with a smile, Shannon Puphal (rt)

Q.  How did you first become interested in Race Guards and how long have you been a member?

A.  I learned about Race Guards through a triathlete friend that was familiar with the team. I had an experience several years ago, where a runner in front of me nearly passed out at about mile 22 of a local marathon.  He was upright, but unresponsive and weaving. I was able to get him to the side of the route safely and get another runner to alert medical. When I found out about Race Guards, I knew I wanted to volunteer.

Q. What is the most recent event that you participated in and what did you enjoy most about it?

A.  The most recent event I participated was the Dallas Running Club ½ Marathon with Race Guards. I just enjoy getting to meet the team members and take care of the runners.

Q.  What has been your favorite Race Guards event?

A. My favorite Race Guards event has to be the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth. That’s a hometown race and it’s just fun to see a lot of friends out on the course and supporting the race, as well as the opportunity to meet new people.


Q. What moment sticks out for you in terms of helping someone during a race?

A.  My first race with Race Guards, at the Dallas Rock N’Roll ½ Marathon was the most memorable. My partner and I ran up on a below-the-knee amputee who was running his first half marathon, but was having problems with his prosthetic. We were able to help re-wrap and use some anti-chafe medication a couple of times along the course to keep him up and running.  We saw him at the finish line, and he was so appreciative of our help.

Q.  What is your funniest Race Guards moment?

A.  I think trying to explain to a new runner that his nipples were bleeding.  He didn’t know why they were tingly or where the blood was coming from.  

Q.  What is your favorite post race or training pig-out food?

A.  Pizza!

Q.  What is your fitness background and have you had any physical challenges or injuries along the way?

A.   I grew up as a competitive gymnast, but I had a growth spurt at the end of high school, which ended any future college competition.  I ran my first marathon back in 2000 and was hooked.  I have since completed two Ironman races and a 100-mile ultra marathon.

Thank you, Shannon, for being a Race Guards team member and our December spotlight.



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