Spotlight on Anita Murphy


This month I interviewed another of our fabulous Chicago area Race Guards team members. Anita Murphy has the distinction of being one a handful of Race Guards members who have actually saved a life during a race.  She is extremely humble and dedicated to her work as a Race Guards team member.  It was all in a day’s work for her as you’ll see in her brief interview.

Q.  How did you first become interested in Race Guards?
A.  I first became interested in Race Guards during the Hot Chocolate race in Chicago.  I noticed someone wearing a Race Guards shirt and when I got home I looked it up. What better way to enjoy a race than helping people while running? Those are my two favorite things to do! I love being a Race Guards team member. I’ve met so many nice people who I consider my family now.

Q.  Can you tell us a bit about your career path and how your work impacts being a Race Guards member?
A.  I've been a Respiratory Therapist in a hospital for 20 years.  I use that experience while running with the Race Guards team.  On May 17th 2015 a participant of the Michelob ULTRA Chicago Spring 13.1 collapsed while running and was determined that he was pulseless and not breathing. After participants had stopped to offer support.  I came upon the scene and provided CPR. I worked with other Race Guards and the medical providers that were dispatched to continue CPR and get him to advanced life support care. Fortunately the participant, Martin Mortimer, the participant, made a full recovery.

On September 25th, 2016 Martin returned for the first time to run at the Chicago Half Marathon 5K. During the opening ceremony Lifetime Events and the Chicago Half Marathon crew recognized Anita for her role in responding to Martin.

Q.  What is your funniest Race Guards moment?
A.  My funniest Race Guard moment was when I was with rookie Race Guards member Dave. It was his first race with us and it was a busy one.  We were helping a group of four runners from being dehydrated and hot. We sat them down and had them relax and hydrate. Well, to break up the quietness, I started singing. I'm far from being a good singer but I got a smile out of our runners. I look forward to every race with my Race Guards family.

Thank you Anita, for the excellent work you do for Race Guards. I’m sure you’ll be out singing at another Race Guards event soon!

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