As A Race Director, You Work Diligently To Meet Your Goals

Simply stated, there is No Question you should have Race Guards at your event:

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Q: What experience does Race Guards bring to our event?

A: Race Guards have supported top race directors across country, and we have supported millions of race participants since 2012 and helped thousands of runners with minor to major medical issues out on the course.  We are there with bandages – and we are there to perform CPR to save lives. Our team members are certified in CPR, AED and First Aid and we carry first aid supplies and AEDs on course.

Q: How will you work with our current race and medical team? 

A: Race Guards works as an extension of your day of race medical team.  We meet with and attend planning calls with your team to ensure we are working in partnership with your medical team.  We also have our own proprietary incident reporting app. All incidents are tracked and a complete post-race report is sent to the race director. Our team is running the entire race with your participants.  We are able to see and address small issues before they become big issues.  

Q: What if we don’t have the budget for additional medical support?

A: Race Guards fees are minimal and are based on the size of your event.  It literally can cost you nothing if the fee is built into your registration process, resulting in pennies per participant to ensure a rewarding race participant experience. Furthermore, Race Guards can provide additional sponsorship opportunities further increasing revenue for your while also helping your existing sponsors get the most out of their investment.  We can show you how simple this is to execute! 

Q: We are struggling with increased costs and lower participant numbers. Why should we invest in Race Guards?

A: Race participants know they have options when selecting a race experience.  If race participants have a rewarding race experience they will sign up again and again – and bring their friends!   Race Guards ensures more participants cross your finish line safely and happily. We also understand that your costs continue to escalate as you work to enhance the race experience. Our fees can be offset by participant fees or sponsor support. A win win for all parties.   

Q: What do Race Guards look like on course?

A: Race Guards wear jerseys branded with our Race Guards logo and “MEDICAL” clearly displayed on our jerseys so that participants know to look for us on the course.  We can also work with your race to wear jerseys branded with your race name and logo for complete on-course integration.  Our team provides one of the most important race branding experiences – we can even work with your sponsorship team to align your current sponsors with Race Guards.   Race Guards carry a waist belt or small pack filled with first aid supplies and AEDs. 

Q: What else does Race Guards bring to our event?

A: Race Guards will staff a booth at your event expo to educate the runner’s on “Race Guards on Course” and will also conduct Hands Only CPR training for your participants. You never know when a participant will become a first responder, and we believe every runner should know Hands Only CPR.  We also can train your staff and volunteers in CPR, First Aid and AED.    We also help promote your event and your commitment to participant safety through a joint social media campaign. We want your participants to know that they are being treated to a VIP race experience! 


“I really appreciate the 24 race guards that worked all morning long to ensure everyone was running cramp-free and taken care of. We surveyed our runners. Lots of people notice and appreciate your on-course presence, too."
— Susan Briggs, Race Director
San Diego Half Marathon



"As an endurance athlete and as a licensed EMT, Race Guards combines two of my passions. I enjoy helping athletes have the best race experience possible. I like being there to help them make sure they get the medical attention they need ASAP and give them a confident and compassionate face to help them in a time of distress."
– Michael Buxton, EMT
San Diego Race Guard

To learn more how securing Race Guards on course and how joining the Race Guards Alliance will ensure you to meet your objectives, please launch the Race Guards Alliance website.