How do I qualify to be a Race Guards team member?

All of our Race Guards are strong athletes and extremely fit runners, and in order to be out on the course with our team, the Race Guards Medical Director must be confident in your ability to be a competent responder when faced with an in-race medical emergency.  Many of our team members are endurance athletes and/or medical professionals (i.e. Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters). Because of our on-course duties, medical professionals are given priority for race assignments.  

It is not a requirement to be a medical professional, however, all Race Guards most hold current certifications in CPR, AED and advanced First Aid (from the American Heart Association and Red Cross). If you are just training for your first 10k, Race Guards is probably not for you.  We are looking for experienced race participants with the ability to easily complete the race distance while also stopping to help others. Still not sure Race Guards is for you?  Send us an email. We are happy to discuss our program in further detail.

What steps do I need to take to get started?

  1. Fill out the Race Guards Application on our website and send in the appropriate and required certifications. Race Guards will review the application.

  2. Attend a Race Guards orientation course or meet our Race Guards team leaders in your market prior to gaining approval to join our team on the course.  We need to meet you and educate you on our in-race first aid protocol before becoming a Race Guards team member.

  3. Once approved, we'll email you a confirmation with next steps to sign into the Race Guards Membership dashboard upon approval and verification of certifications. Once in the dashboard, complete the last steps to complete your profile..

Do I have to Donate $65 to become a member of the team?

There is a suggested donation of $65 per year to help cover hard costs of running the program (jerseys, insurance, race/expo fees, first aid equipment, to name a few). Your donation is tax deductible through our Race Guards Foundation. Keep in mind you get numerous perks as a Race Guards member, and you don’t pay a race participant fee to be on the course.

What if I need the required CPR, AED and First Aid Certifications?

We hold Race Guards certification courses in several markets, and we highly encourage new Race Guards to attend these Race Guards certification courses as they provide in-race case studies in addition to the required certifications.  Please check our website for upcoming courses in your area!

Do I need to be super fast or super human?

No, not at all!! You'll need to be in good enough shape to handle the race, but Race Guards come in all speeds, ages and sizes. You'll be racing at the front, middle or back of the race looking out for others. You are the eyes, ears and helping hands of the race!

Do Race Guards train together?

It's not necessary, but many of us do! We're a close-knit community of athletic people. Participating in Race Guards is a great way to meet like-minded friends. Interested in running, riding or swimming with other Race Guards? Contact us and we'll get you dialed in!

When will I know if I'm accepted into Race Guards?

We will notify you as soon as we review your application and certifications and confirm that requirements are met.  You will then be required to sign up through our Race Guards membership program and create a profile on the Dashboard.  You will receive your Race Guards hat or visor- which are yours to keep at the orientation or at your first race. All the packs stocked with first aid supplies you need to staff a race will be provided to check out for each event. A jersey will be provided at the race to wear for that event. 

Do I need to have any kind of special insurance to be a Race Guards team member?

No. Race Guards carries insurance for its team, and part of the membership process is signing a waiver, in the same way you would sign any race waiver.

If I help someone on the course, is the race over for me?

Each situation is different. Ideally, you'll help the participant get back on track to finish the race, and you will continue. In more serious situations, you'll need to stay with the participant until help arrives. Helping someone in need will be your reward either way!

What will I look for while racing?

Any situation where a participant might be in trouble. Sometimes, it's as simple as a blister or leg cramp that needs some attention. Or, you might notice someone getting lightheaded, needing water or needing to slow down. Often, a helping hand and encouragement is all it takes. In other cases, you might see someone fall, crash or experience a more serious medical emergency. Your presence can mean all the difference in their race and their well being.  By attending our certification and/or orientation courses, we make sure you are comfortable out on the course!

What are my expected duties on the day of the event?

We send out detailed day-of-race schedules approximately one week prior to the race. Typically you will report to the Race Guards tent one hour before the race starts for a pre-race meeting. Be sure to bring your Race Guards hat or visor, telephone and other items you made need.  Your supplies will be in the Race Guard kit you check out at the beginning of each race. You will be assigned a partner for the race and in some cases a specific section of the course to cover.

I love to collect medals and t-shirts from my races.  Will I get those when I participate with Race Guards?

Race Guards never collect a medal at the end of a race.  We are on the course as part of the medical team; we are not race participants.  At most races our team members receive the race t-shirt as a thank you from the race director.  

How many Race Guards will be in the race?

It depends on the size of the race. But there are typically between 6 and 25 Race Guards at the events.

How many races will I be able to support?

All Race Guards will be guaranteed 3 races per year, but there is a good chance you will be able to support more!  Several of our markets are flush with races, so more opportunities exist in some areas!  

What if I sign up for a race, and my schedule changes and I can no longer participate on the Race Guards team?

We understand that conflicts come up, however, we ask that you only confirm your attendance for those races that you are absolutely confident you can attend.  If an emergency or unforeseen circumstance happens, please email us ASAP so that can work to find another Race Guards team member to take your spot.

If I sign up for a race, am I guaranteed a spot on the Race Guards team?

Many of our races are very popular, and we will hold a lottery for the Race Guards spots on the team.  Priority will be given to team members in the medical profession.  All races with a lottery sign up are noted on our website, and we will notify all team members ASAP.  Teams also fill up close to race date, so sign up in advance!  

I don’t see any Race Guards events in my area?  Should I still fill out the application?  

We are expanding quickly and adding new markets throughout the year!  Please fill out the application and we will contact you to discuss potential new races in your market.  

Will I be required to travel as a member of the Race Guards team?

Travel is not required.  Some of our Race Guards team members do travel to races in other markets.  This is handled on a race-by-race basis.  

How do I contact Race Guards?

Just email us! info@raceguards.org