Giving you the inside advantage from our sponsors

Race Guards is excited to provide you with an online application tool that will be your gateway to manage your Race Guards membership experience. Easily manage your races and personal Race Guards profile, communicate with team leaders, receive pre-race instructions, and update your preferences of participation in one spot. Plus, claim deep discounts on sponsor products up to 60% off.

Once your registration is approved you will receive the following benefits: 

  • Your own Race Guards Gear —  Hat or Visor, and outerwear as available
  • Opportunity to participate in some of the country’s best running and endurance events for FREE
  • The Race t-shirt from each event!!
  • Outstanding discounts and promotions from 16+ Race Guards sponsors & partners
  • Travel benefits in some markets
  • A well-orchestrated volunteer opportunity at each race
  • Insurance coverage for the Race Guards team member
  • First aid supplies at each race 
  • Frequent training courses in all Race Guards markets
  • Race Guards continued expansion throughout the country, establishing Race Guards as the “standard of care” at all events