You're working hard to make your event a success. Part of that means supporting the safety and well being of participants. Enter Race Guards!

Race Guards offer a unique way to elevate safety by making qualified first responders part of the race. Our dedicated volunteers are strategically included at the front, middle and back of the race. They run or bike with participants and stay on the alert for people who might need assistance. They are easy to recognize, thanks to high-profile jerseys. They race equipped with First Aid and comfort supplies to help the athletes get back on track or to get them stabilized while waiting for help.

Our approach elevates safety significantly. This is especially important when environmental conditions, number of participants and other factors make the race more difficult.

By including Race Guards in your event, you can:

  • Enhance the safety of your event in an easy, professional and fun way. Race Guards are friendly, competent first responders who are full of compassion and encouragement!
  • Attract new sponsors (and funds) to your event by including Race Guards in your promotional package. This is a great way to engage more companies and organizations to participate. There are multiple levels of sponsorships available. This means good news for you and the sponsors you partner with!
  • Set your event apart from others. Race Guards offer a distinctive advantage to participants, and our presence shows you care. Promote Race Guards in your marketing materials and advertising. You can expand what you have to offer to the community, athletes and spectators by adding Race Guards!
  • Increase your word-of-mouth advertising. Our Race Guards are dialed into the racing scene. They're great at spreading the word on competitions!

Relax... we're on guard! Contact Race Guards today!

Please provide us with your initial race information or email us at One of our directors will be in touch with you shortly.